Good day for Savarese Competition team at UAEJJF

Savarese Competition team enjoys big UAEJJF

Savarese Competition team enjoys big UAEJJF

The Savarese Competition team enjoys big UAEJJF, having a really good at the NYC Tournament. Savarese had 3 guys compete today and each one ended up on the medal stand in a very tough tourn. Andrew Kuntz was awesome on the day, dominating his division without having a point scored of him. It was his very first tournament as a purple belt and him dominated his class in all 3 matches.

Danny Lleonart finished 3rd in his division. Lleonart won his first match by a quick submission and then loss a very controversial decision that had many in the crowd vocal. I’ll just say he should have been in the finals and leave it on that. (Btw, my team is like 0-16 in refs decisions in the last 2 years in tournaments. Lol) Back to the positive.

Congrats to Mark Garcia for taking 2nd in his purple belt division as well. It was his first tournament at his new belt as well, as he was just promoted 3 weeks ago.

Their coach, Professor Savarese has this to say “Great job guys. Great things happen when you aren’t afraid to fail.”