Savarese BJJ students excel Big Apple Open

Savarese BJJ students excel Big Apple Open

Savarese BJJ students excel Big Apple Open

Just got home from the Big Apple Open, one of the top tournaments every year on the East Coast. Really happy with our teams performance today. We took 3rd in the team standings, a good showing for 1 Academy without affiliated schools. Our guys and ladies trained hard, faced fears, weren’t afraid to fail, fought well and tested themselves. That is always growth in my book. Congrats to:(sorry I don’t know everyone weight divisions):


Anthony Del Guercio 3rd place blackbelt
Brian Procel 3rd place blackbelt


Sean Yadimarco 1st place purplebelt
Andrew Kuntz 1st place Purplebelt
Elliot Santiago 2nd place purplebelt
Caitlin McManus 1st place purplebelt


Eve Ponte 1st place bluebelt
Djendy Denot 2nd place bluebelt
Tom Calnan 2nd place bluebelt
William Pike 2nd place bluebelt
Maria Villa 2nd place bluebelt
Babatunde Ojo 3rd place bluebelt


Dylan Hutchinson 1st place whitebelt
Gary Cassaro 2nd place whitebelt
Pete Gabriel 3rd place whitebelt
Congrats as well to Jose Almedia, Andrew Zeppetelli, Stephen McNic, Juan Cabrera and Maverick Garcia ( who just missed beating the eventual champion getting the back as time expired) for stepping up and testing themselves today. Proud of all of you.

Kids get in the mix too

We didn’t have a lot of kids today but he one who competed did awesome! Congrats to:
Theresa “Baby T†Zeppetelli Gold
Angelina Pettignano Gold
Faith Valdivia Silver
Julie Norris Silver
Great job!