Recent Savarese Jiu-Jitsu promotions

Recent Savarese Jiu-Jitsu promotions

Recent Savarese BJJ Promotions

Recent Savarese BJJ promotions have been plentiful. In the past 3 months, many of our students have “leveled up.†There have been a bunch of recent Savarese BJJ promotions. Many of our students made goals at the beginning of the year to improve.  To their credit, so many of them have done just that. Here is a list of all the students who have gone up in rank in the past 3 months:


Professor Savarese was promoted to third-degree black belt by Professor Rafael Lovato Jr

Mohammad Mohebbi- 2nd degree blackbelt

Danny Lleonart- professor stripes

Anthony DelGuercio- professor stripes


Leo Alves- 2nd stripe
Caitlin McManus – 2nd Stripe
Elliot Santiago- 3rd stripe
Andrew Kuntz- 4th stripe
Steve McNicholas


Pat Younan 3rd stripe

Ed Vecchone-2nd stripe

Dylan Hutchinson -1st Stripe

Pete Valvidia 1st stripe

Donna Valvidia -1st stripe

Kayla Zeppetelli- 1st stripe

Tom Thibideaux

Nick Buttiglieri

Mariana Vazquez

Tim Farias

Roy Forys

Ernie Gencarelli

Kevin Wilton

Juan Cabrera

Yellow belt

Theresa Zeppetelli -3rd stripe


Tommy Piccuro third stripe

Ariel Morel- 3rd stripe


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