Lyndhurst Kids Martial Arts School wins team championship!

Lyndhurst Kids Martial Arts School wins team championship!


Lyndhurst Kids Martial Arts School wins team championship!

Savarese BJJ Academy did it again! The Lyndhurst Kids Martial arts School wins the team championship at the New Jersey Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (NJBJJF) tounament for the 3rd time! Professor Chris Savarese, the owner and head instructor of the school announced on his Facebook Page “I didn’t get a chance to post the last 2 days but I wanted to send a shout out and thanks to my Savarese BJJ team for such a great day yesterday. I got home from the NJBJJF tournament and took a moment to be happy and proud of the team I have built over the years w the help of many and the tight bond that we share. Every single person brings something to make us who we are. Many teams claim they are family but our group, from the oldest to the youngest, is tight. We train, help, fight, love and have each other’s backs through thick and thin. Our showing yesterday was tremendous, w/ our kids winning the team title and our adults taking the 3rd place trophy w only 8 competitors, 3 of whom were 16 yrs old. Half of the adults who competed won GOLD medals. I am super proud of our teens, who all fought up in the adult divisions. Testing yourself is what BJJ is all about, they make me proud beyond belief. Many of my Masters tested themselves in the Absolute as well against guys much younger.. The NJBJJF ran a very good tournament and was well reffed. Yesterday was the first time in all my years of BJJ that I didn’t yell at a ref once. And the rest of the team who came out to support everyone showed how tight our team isCongrats to all the kids on the competition team. The kids won the Team Championship! Great job everyone and great job Coach Sean Bermudez for the great job training our kids!” Here was the teams medal count:


Kiko Doran-Gold

Marco Ramirez-Gold

Mark Garcia-Gold

Arianna Zeppetelli-Gold

Andrew Zeppetelli-Gold

Sean Yadimarco-3 silvers

Jr Pastrana-Bronze

Kids medals count
Kayla gold
Diego Gold
Antonio Gold
Noah Gold
Isa Gold
Avery Gold
Leo T Gold
Lorenzo Gold
Jordan Gold
Harun Gold
Gabe Gold
Lucas Gold
Rene Gold and silver
Mateo Gold
Michael Gold
Hannah silver
Gesenea Silver
Kalina 2 Silvers
Aleksey Silver
Justin silver
Damian bronze
Gaby Silver
Theresa Silver

What an amazing day and thanks to everyone who helped us train and came out to support our team!
Kids 1st place Trophy