Darce choke master Joe D'Arce NJ seminar

Darce choke master Joe D’Arce NJ seminar


Darce choke master Joe D’Arce NJ seminar

Darce choke master Joe D’Arce NJ seminar was held last night at Savarese BJJ Academy in Lyndhurst NJ. Joe D’Arce is a 3rd degree blackbelt under the legendary Renzo Gracie and is one the top American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners and teachers. D’Arce and Savarese BJJ owner Professor Chris Savarese are long-time friends and training partners. Professor Savarese posted the next day on his Facebook Page These pics represent 15 yrs of friendship on and off the mat. Thanks to my good friend Joe D’Arce for coming to NJ to share his knowledge w my students and I tonight. Every time I see him I learn something new. What a great seminar! I had one student tell me that one of the chokes he showed what worth the price of the seminar by itself. I know I say this after every seminar but if you missed this seminar, you missed out. I only bring in elite guys to do seminars and only do 4 a year. If you love BJJ and have goals to reach blackbelt ASAP or are a competitor or teacher, they should be mandatory for you. And if you brush that statement off, you don’t get it. I taught at Joe’s Grand Opening in Long Island and Joe has had my back through every part of my training since purplebelt, through teaching me great stuff every time I see him and was my corner in some of my toughest competition matches. I remember when Joe went in the hallway with me and practiced flying armbars on me because  my next opponent was tapping everyone in less than 10 seconds with flying armlocks. He is one of my favorite people and his friendship is one of the best gifts BJJ has given me. oss”

Darce choke history

D’Arce became a household name when he started hitting a rarely used choke in tournaments and in training shown to him by the great John Danaher. Joe and I went to Las Vegas to see one of Joe’s former students, Jay Herion, make his debut in the UFC. While there, we visited and trained at our friend Marc Laimon’s Cobra Kai school for 2 days. We exchanged many ideas with Laimon, who is an excellent teacher himself, and he loved the choke and started using it right away. He later started adding another choke he called the Marce” and many of his students started using these chokes. If you had ever seen Laimon at a tournament in those days, he was always the loudest voice there. He would constantly be screaming Darce him (what Laimon had named the choke), darce him and since his students were having so much success with it, it started catching on in the West. It was called the darce on the West Coast way sooner than back East as Joe is pretty humble and was kind of embarrassed by the name. But his favorite choke because a worldwide name but mostly because of Laimon.

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