Lyndhurst Kids Martial Arts School Honors Student

Lyndhurst Kids Martial Arts School Honors Student

Lyndhurst Kids Martial Arts School Honors Student

This month Savarese BJJ, a Lyndhurst Kids Martial Arts School, honors Student Anthony Ferrara. Anthony is proudly being recognized as the Student of the Month. Out of a pool of over 100 students, Anthony rose up and earned this recognition. Every other student that Anthony trains with is bigger, older, stronger and most are more experienced. However, that does not stop his drive and determination to improve. Furthermore, it is not easy to earn this award as only twelve are given out each year. Join us in congratulating Anthony on a job well done.

What does it take to earn this award?

First, hard work and dedication is required. Is the student working their hardest and to the best of their ability in class? Are they doing everything they can to improve? If the answer to both is yes, then they are on track to being considered for the Student of the Month Award.

Next thing that is looked at is their attendance record. When a student shows up to class almost everyday and doesn’t miss a week, they are going to be in the running. Amazingly, at only 5 years old, our Student of the Month this month does just that.

Then comes attitude. Are they always smiling during training? Do they get upset when things do not go their way? The students that earn the award tend to be the ones that genuinely enjoy being on the mats everyday. They get along with all of their team mates and smile from the beginning of class until they walk out of the door. In martial arts, attitude is a huge factor.

About Savarese BJJ

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