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Lovato defeats Wardzinski at RAW Grappling Championship

Lovato defeats Wardzinski at RAW Grappling Championship

Congrats to Rafael Lovato Jr on his win by pts over the super tough guard machine Adam Wardzinski in the RAW Grappling Championship today in England.The first edition of the Raw Grappling Championship took place last Sunday. The event featured a black belt grand prix, some locals lower belt matches and two phenomenal superfights: Rafael Lovato Jr. against Adam Wardzinski and Lucas “Hulk†Barbosa against Gerard Labinski.

Here are the results.


In the most anticipated bout of the evening was the superfight between Rafael Lovato Jr. and Adam Wardzinski. And it was Wardzinski who first engaged in the beginning; sitting guard and attacking Lovato’s legs. Lovato stayed at a safe distance, and at around two minutes into the match he went for a knee through pass attempt. Before he could acquire Side Control, however, Wardzinski managed to recover guard… With the remaining minutes of the match spent in him trying to attack Lovato’s legs over and over again.

The score was 0-0 and so the bout went into overtime – where Wardzinski lost due to a penalty..