Importance of team for BJJ Students and Competitors

Importance of team for BJJ Students and Competitors

The importance of team for BJJ students and competitors in one not many understand. Getting far in jiu-jitsu requires good instruction and training partners to succeed. Nobody can do it alone.

T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More)

BJJ teammates are more than just a collection of people. You rely on your partners to get you ready, keep your focus, pick you up when you are down. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is a great way to succeed. Forming goals together and working hard to reach those goals is a true way to success. You want your team to produce energy and positive attitudes. Sometimes this requires eliminating someone who is not on board with the others goals and values. You never want to have a guy on your team who is always in training classes and session when he is competing but disappears when he is not. Selfish teammates bring everyone down.

Upperbelts set the tone

The longer a BJJ Academy is open, the larger the team grows if it is run correctly. The importance of the upperbelts helping the owner/instructor becomes very important. Brown and Blackbelts must help the newer students succeed and be that gateway to the professor. They must help keep the bullies in line because the professor can’t possibly see everything. They give their experience to help the guys know what the professor is looking for. Setting a good example on and off the mat is vital to gain the respect of your teammates. That helps you become that leader the professor needs to help keep the level high when he is not there.

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