A man is wrestling another man on the ground

Half guard passing in MMA/fighting

Half guard passing in MMA/fighting is one of the best ways to neutralize for the top. Today’s Jiu-Jitsu has many exciting and very effective methods of guard passing that have risen to prominence in last decade. When it’s time to apply some of these to MMA or fighting however, they often run into problems due to lack of gi grips or the fact that many opponents simply stand up from bottom position as you try to pass. When it comes time to pass under fighting conditions, one method stands above all – half guard passing. I was lucky enough to see John Danaher coach George St Pierre for a couple of his fight camps. Geroge was known for his passing/top control, and often, the overwhelming majority of training time was spent in forcing half guard and passing from there. No other method adapts so well to the rigors and demands of MMA than pressure passing from half guard. He used this with great effect throughout his career, repeatedly passing even world champion Jiu-Jitsu specialists with no problems. Any many other BJJ athlete, Demien Maia for example for one, used this method after him. I can confidently attest that no other method of guard passing adapts so well to gi, no gi and MMA as half guard passing does. Even when I used to see George train in the training room at the Renzo Gracie Academy, George was able to pass even elite level grapplers under shocking pressure using this simple but powerful method of guard passing. Chest to chest contact will make it very difficult indeed for an opponent to stand up on his as he passes, this is something we often focus on in MMA classes at Savarese BJJ Academy (www.njbjj.com). Use to method while Half guard passing in MMA/fighting and what the new openings it will create and watch your game skyrocket!