Fitting into your BJJ School

Fitting into your BJJ School

Fitting into your BJJ School

One of the hardest parts of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is fitting into your BJJ school. This list is here to help you recognize all of the diverse students you will encounter at most Academies around the world.  Now, since there are generally no “cookie cutter†students, this list may slightly vary but it should give a good summation of most schools.

The New Student

This student has probably only been a part of the school for less than 2 months. They are still a bit shy around other students and may even seem a bit lost. The ones that have been at the school for less than a month will still have that look on their face like they don’t know what they got themselves into. This is normal, they are still in the process of fitting into their BJJ School. They typically are the one that is wandering around the room trying to make a connection with other students.

The Hobbyist

Every school has them, in fact, with the popularity of BJJ, the Hobbyist Student is becoming more prevalent. They are the student that comes to class once or twice a week.  Everyone is friends with them. They do not really study BJJ outside of the academy but still love class when they are there. Typically they will be the student who is a Blue Belt and has been training as long as some of the Purple Belts. The hobbyist is a key student in the academy. They are the ones that tend to bond quickest with The New Student and help them transition into what kind of BJJ Student they will be. They have no problem fitting into your bjj school because everyone likes them and they have their place on the mats.


This is the student that seems to tap everyone. They could be the nicest person off of the mats and the other students like them, but The Beast is the Purple or Brown Belt that nobody can seem to do anything to and goes through everyone else. They tend to be the guy that doesn’t compete that much but absolutely loves BJJ. They are always studying and taking notes. They are the last one off of the mats at the end of the night and never make excuses.

The Competitor

Not everyone will fit this description. This student lives and breathes Jiu-Jitsu Competitions. When they train they keep track of positional points in their head. They are always getting ready for their next tournament, and sometimes will also fit the bill of THE BEAST that we just talked about. They aren’t always the highest ranked student in the room either, usually a younger Blue or Purple Belt will fit this description.

The Seasoned Veteran

This is the rarest of students. The older Brown or Black Belt in the room that has seen it all.  They have been there and done that, and held every role in the academy. They are usually one of the instructors on staff at the school. Do not let their role as the Seasoned Veteran fool you though. They are still tough as nails and ready to keep the younger and newer students in line. They tend to be the instructors right hand man or close to it and they command a lot of respect from the other students.

These are just a few of the different types of students you will encounter while fitting into your BJJ school. There is nothing that says you have to be any specific one of them, and who is to say you can’t be each of them during your journey through Jiu-Jitsu. Just get on the mats and enjoy BJJ for the amazing art that it is.

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