Your first year of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Your first year of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Your first year of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is always the toughest. I liken it to a totem pole. You are at the bottom in the beginning and the longer you stay, more people join after you and you start to move up. If you can make it through that first year, odds are the you will train BJJ for the rest of your life. Futhermore, you will become a better and more patient person through your training.

What to expect

Frustration! Bruising! Soreness! You will think you will never learn or remember all these techniques. Therefore, the frustration sets in. In addition, you are scred of all these people more experienced than you. But, you must tell yourself “All of these people here have been where I am now at some point. If They can do it, so can I.” That is one of the first lessons that really needs to sink in. The old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” can apply here. Pateince is one of the first lessons to be taught in BJJ. You must build a foundation, learn all the fundamental movements and submissions in order to progress. Most of all, it is super important to just enjoy yourself and have fun!

Remember the benefits!

You will experience many benefits from training jiu-jitsu. Besides the obvious, learning how to defend yourself, you will become leaner, stronger, learn how to focus better among other benefits. Consequently, you will learn how to eat healthier, live and sleep better and gain like minded friends for life. Some of my best friends are my training partners and you will meet friends from all around the world through BJJ.

Another lesson

One of my favorite sayings that applies to BJJ and life is “Win or Learn”. Learning how to grow from losses, in competition or in training, humbles you and teaches you how to grow from it. Losing is one of the most difficult moments a BJJ practitioner will ever have to go through but losing is the fastest way to success. Once this is learned, the sky is the limit for your growth on and off the mats.