5 reasons to enroll your child in Martial Arts

5 reasons to enroll your child in Martial Arts

5 reasons to enroll your child Martial Arts

Listed below are 5 reasons to enroll your child in Martial Arts. Hopefully they help you on making the decision to go with Kids Martial Arts to help your child.

Strengthens your bond with your child.

One of my favorite parts of teaching the kids program is seeing how excited kids are after class. Especially when they go talk to their parents about what they learned. After we all bow out for the end of the training session, they run to the parents with huge smiles. In addition, they start filling them in on how good they did in class. The look on parent’s faces when this happen is priceless, they see that their child is having a great time, and almost immediately start seeing the benefits of having them in the program. In turn, you will be excited to bring your child. You will wait anxiously to hear from them about how their day was, and what they accomplished.

New Encounters.

We have children in our academy from all over Bergen and Hudson Counties. Chances are, outside of the training room, the kids would have never met. From the moment your child joins our Kids Martial Arts Program, they will begin to make many new friends. They will have the opportunity to encounter kids from different schools, and many of them spend time together outside of class. For kids who have a hard time making new friends, this in invaluable.

Physical Fitness

Let’s face it; the world is not what it was when we were kids. The frequency of kids being outside and being active is lower than it was back then. Schools are not as focused on Physical Fitness as they once were and now with video games as accessible as they are, kids do not want to be outside. Childhood obesity is at an all-time high, and the lack of emphasis on Physical Fitness is one of the main reasons for this. Every class at the academy incorporates physical fitness into the curriculum and the kids will even participate in a Physical Fitness Challenge 3 times a year.

Overcoming Fears

Starting a journey into any Martial Arts Program, can be a scary one. The kids do not know what to expect and can sometimes be very nervous. Getting them onto the mats for the first time is a huge step towards teaching them how to overcome and conquer their fears. Through the lessons taught in our academy, your child will be able to face fears in all walks of life, from taking big tests in school, to interacting with new kids, and even playing other sports. Leadership traits will begin to shine through when their fears go away and you will see a stronger more confident child emerge right in front of you.


In conclusion, the number one reason parents enroll their child in Martial Arts is for self-defense. They want their child to be able to hold their own in case they ever are in a physical altercation. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the number one Martial Art for Self-Defense. Your child will learn how to assess a situation, stay calm, and react the appropriate way. Above all else, they will know how to avoid conflict and resolve dangerous situations without having to be physical with an aggressor. The best means to defend yourself is knowing when to walk away.

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