Wise words from Saulo Ribeiro

Wise words from Saulo Ribeiro


Here are some wise words from Saulo Ribeiro. Ribeiro is one of the most successful competitors and jiujitsu instructors. He is now more devoted to passing his knowledge onto his students in his academy called University of jiujitsu and his online learning website Jiu-Jitsu Library , but he hasn’t stopped completely, as he now dominates the world masters.

During the Grapplers Escape , a Jiu-Jitsu cruise around the Caribbean, Saulo shared his thoughts with our friends at Pasando Guardia about being a student for life:

“If you are doing jiu-jitsu and are a one stripe white belt, then you are a†master “and can already teach some jiujitsu to someone from your family or friends. Jiu-Jitsu is designed to make you quit and not go any further. Compare a photo of when you started and today, you’re not the same, because you have polished the diamond that is inside of you. BJJ cleans you inside out; Your insecurities, fears, desires, rage etc .. All you’ll have to deal with personally. You do not learn movements but concepts. When you fight someone, you do not fight that person but you fight against their technique against their intentions â€

“Tapping is to learn how not to lose, There are two ways of tapping: because of joint manipulation and because of a choke. Joint locks are painful. If your ego is bigger than that, it will hurt. A choke is something where you’re dealing with someone who is taking your life, so when you strangle you owe your life to your partner.

If you are doing jiujitsu, you are special. No matter if you win medals, the important thing is to keep going. If you trained two years and you gave up… Shame on you. No matter how you started, it is important that you go you all the way. You have to get your get to the black belt. It may take 6 or 20 years, but enjoy the ride. I did not enjoy my white belt. I do not remember much of it as I was trying to get to blue.

Some say .. “I’m just a white belt ..†Do not say it like that, say it with pride! If you are white belt well, you took a decision to start jiu-jitsu, and many people are scared to make that first step. If you are white belt with a couple of degrees, the you can defend yourself against 90% of people out there. Go your way, and never stop learning.