Savarese Jiu Jitsu Lyndhurst student wins cage grappling match

Savarese Jiu Jitsu Lyndhurst student wins cage grappling match

Brian Procel, a Savarese Jiu Jitsu Lyndhurst student, wins cage grappling match in the video below by rear naked choke. The Savarese BJJ Academy purple belt took on Scott McDonald of Team Edson Carvalho. It was in a Cage Grappling superfight in Saddle Brook NJ. Cage Grappling is a new event and is having another event soon. Due to headlocks being common, this is why we work our headlock, kesa-gatame and kata-gatame escapes all the time. Congrats to Brian on an excellent performance and we can’t wait to see you back in there!

Savarese BJJ Academy

Especially relevant is the Savarese Jiu Jitsu program is broke into 3 programs.

First, our fundamental jiu jitsu course is designed to benefit learning the basics and beyond of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We put you through a 16 week course to ready you for our advanced classes. It will teach you the basics, from learning how to fall, to clinching, taking down and successfully setting up and applying a submission hold as well as various escapes. It will also provide knowledge of self defense in real situations as well as healthy weight loss in most cases.

Also, our no-gi submission grappling program is for grapplers of all levels. Our lessons are focused on takedowns, controling of the head, high percentage submissions, precision guard passing, and submission grappling points systems.

Finally, our advanced BJJ program  is designed to help the student grow and form a unique style of Jiu Jitsu through a variety of training experiences. This class is always lead by a Black Belt Instructor. As a result, he will teach more advanced moves and the class itself will move at a higher pace. Futhermore, the level of skill in training partners will be advanced and the attention to detail and timing will be magnified as well.

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