Professor Rafael Lovato Jr. interview

Professor Rafael Lovato Jr. interview

Here is a great Professor Rafael Lovato Jr interview, definitely worth the watch.

About Lovato Jr

At he age of 21, Rafael became the youngest American to receive a black belt in BJJ at that time. In receiving his black belt Rafael also helped accomplish another feat, as he and his father became the first American father and son BJJ Black Belts. Rafael has continued to make much history in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, becoming the most decorated American BJJ competitor today. In 2007, Rafael became the first person ever to win the European Open Championships, Pan-American Championships, Brazilian National Championships (Brasileiro), and World Championships (Mundials) at the Black Belt level all in the same year! These accomplishments earned Rafael the prestigious BJJ competitor of the year award for 2007. Currently, Rafael is the first American to have won the European Open Championships, and only American to have won the Pan-American Championships and Brazilian National Championships (Brasileiro) at the adult Black Belt level and he is the 2nd American, after BJ Penn, to win the World Championships as a Black Belt. In 2009, Rafael was honored for his accomplishments when he was inducted into the prestigious Grapplers Quest Hall of Fame. In 2010, Rafael became part of an elite group of competitors to ever win Black Belt World titles with and without the gi, when Rafael won the No-Gi World Championships in the Black Belt Heavyweight division. On that same day, Rafael achieved another amazing feat, but this time as a teacher, when his student and first Black Belt, Justin Rader, won his Black Belt division at the No-Gi World Championships as well. The duo made history that day as teacher and student Black Belt No-Gi World Champions and Rafael became the first American to produce a Black Belt No-Gi World Champion.

Rafael has gone on to win two more No-Gi World titles (2011 & 2013), winning his third on the same day with Justin Rader once again, who earned his 2nd No-Gi World title, and his 2nd Black Belt, James Puopolo, who won his first Black Belt No-Gi World title. In 2012, Rafael was a part of Professional Jiu-Jitsu history when he was victorious in the first ever Metamoris event. Rafael defeated Kayron Gracie with his famous Kimura technique earning him the submission of the night award. In 2013, Rafael made history in Brazil once again, this time winning the prestigious Black Belt Absolute division at the Brazilian Nationals, crowning him the best in Brazil. Rafael won 3 of his 5 matches in the absolute by submission, with a Kimura in the semi finals and finals. At that moment, not only did Rafael become a 2 time Brazilian National Champion, but he achieved a much greater accomplishment as the first non-Brazilian to ever win a major Black Belt Absolute title. Later in 2013, Rafael led the largest team of Americans to ever compete at the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships. Rafael, along with his Black Belts, Justin Rader and James Puopolo, and his up and coming Purple Belt, Jared Dopp, made history at the event as an American team with a member in 4 of the 5 weight classes. Three of them were able to reach the final four in their categories with Lovato earning the Silver medal and Justin Rader earning the Bronze medal. It was a performance that will never be forgotten.

If you live in the northern NJ area and would like to be part of Lovato’s Team, contact Professor Chris Savarese at 201 933-5134 for a free trial class.