New Facebook Page and Wallid Ismail vs Roleta

After realizing how many new BJJ students have no idea who the pioneers of this great art are, I have decided to use my Facebook Page ( and this website to help people learn about the first World Champions and pioneers of our art. I will pick 1 competitors or fighter per week and post matches or fights of him or her with a description so you can learn about our arts history in competition. I encourage my fellow school owners to tell their new students to like this page. ALL my Savarese BJJ students should like and follow this page as frequently as possible. Lets all grow through BJJ. Knowledge is power. The first person we will be featuring is Roberto “Roleta” Magalhaes. His nicknames means roulette, after his famous helicopter sweep that spun you like a roulette wheel. he is a 4x World BJJ Champion and 4x Pan Am Champion. He also finished 2nd 3x. He started training at 17yrs old under Joe Moreira and later switched to Gracie Barra when he became serious about his training. Roleta created one of the most revolutionary guards in the history of BJJ, the Inverted Guard. In 1996 Roleta was given his black belt with the intent of fighting in the World Championships that year. The big duel between the Carlson Gracie Academy and Gracie Barra was on the horizon and Carlson Gracie had an Ace in the Meio Pesado category by the name of Wallid Ismail who had been undefeated for a few years. Carlos Gracie planed to use his own “secret weapon†in Roleta and it worked. Walid was surprised by Roleta’s “strange†new position and ended swept by Roleta which was enough to win the bout between the two. Roleta would go on to win the tournament which was the very first World BJJ Championship. He continued competing through the late 1990′s and the early 2000′s getting the reputation of the best guard in BJJ during that time. Here is the match against Wallid talked about above. Wallid staredown was epic!