Lyndhurst Martial Arts School Wins Team Championship


Lyndhurst Martial Arts School Wins Team Championship

Savarese Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, a Lyndhurst Martial Arts School Wins Team Championship this weekend. When asked about his teams performance Professor Chris Savarese had this to say.

Words from Professor Savarese

What a great day at the NJBJJF tournament. I have to say, I love my team. From the competitors to the coaches to the parents to the other students showing up in support. We are a true family. Congrats to all who competed today, everyone was AWESOME. We won the 3rd place TEAM TROPHY w/ just 5 people competing. We are dubbing the trophy the “Dan Rinaldi Trophy” because Danny Rinaldi went 9-0 on the day without having a point scored on him. Yes, we unleashed Dan Rinaldi on the BJJ tournament scene. He won his division in the gi and no-gi and the Bluebelt absolute. Andrew Kuntz looked fantastic as well, taking 1st place in his division winning 3 tough matches. Pete O’Connor also won 2 matches in his division (one very quickly) to finish in 3rd place in his division.His brother Brian O’Connor bounced back from a loss in the semis for a quick submission to finish w/ a 3rd place medal as well. Caitlin McManus fought well as well, taking 2nd place in her division. she will wear gold soon without a doubt. I want to take a second to shout out the women on our competition team. Our ladies step up and compete at every tournament. At a time where BJJ is booming in the US, I see very few ladies on the East Coast putting it on the line. props to our girls who are not scared to fail and either win or learn. Great job!

Kids were great too

Also props to Coach Sean J L Bermudez for the great job he is doing w/ our kids. We have created a true team atmosphere and props to our parents who stick w/ the program and understand kids martial arts is about much more than wins in a tournament and sometimes it is better to lose because there is a better lesson. Our parents aren’t sending kids to compete so they can brag to their freinds when they win a medal. And we don’t sandbag. We test our kids. They fight in the divisions they are supposed to or fight up. There are no kids training for 3 years fighting kids training for 6 months. Our parent get it and I love you for it. That being said, congrats to all the kids who stepped up to compete and came home w/ medals, especially Kayla Zep, who is an Absolute beast, beating a girl bigger than me in the finals. A big thank you goes to everyone. They is nobody else I’d rather spend my days w/ than my Savarese BJJ family.

Professor Sav