Lyndhurst Jiu Jitsu school shines at World BJJ Championship

Lyndhurst Jiu Jitsu school shines at World BJJ Championship

Lyndhurst Jiu Jitsu school shines at World BJJ Championship

Savarese BJJ Academy, a Lyndhurst Jiu Jitsu school, shined at the World BJJ Championship this weekend.  The Savarese BJJ Competition team won several matches, including a 29 second submission in the brownbelt division.

Professor Chris Savarese was pleased with his students’ performance and had this to say about the tournament:

“I just got back from the 2016 World BJJ Championship. There were some positive and negatives experiences, but, overall, I had a great weekend in CA. I learned a lot by watching, coaching and just speaking with some of the greatest minds in BJJ.

My team did good. We had a shot to win every single match with less than 2 minutes to go. Growing off of this years experience, I know we will continue to progress. We had some great wins including a 29 second win by Brian Procel in his 1st match at the Worlds ever! Talk about stepping up!

I have been saying this for years, I really believe EVERYONE should do this at least once. Even if you lose, you come home better from the experience. I am positive everyone on my team is 1000% better from being in that building, in that atmosphere and under that pressure.

Electric Atmosphere

The atmosphere was electric and there were some great matches and competitors. James Puopolo, Edwin Najmi, Mackenzie Dern, Dominyka Obelenyte, Gabriel Arges, Romulo Barral (his come from behind choke was my favorite of the weekend) and Marcio Andre were my favorites of the weekend.

Great representatives

I also want to shout out Gabi Garcia and Rafael Lovato Jr for being such great representatives of our sport, taking countless pictures with anyone who asked. Gabi actually spent a couple of minutes talking to and hugging one of my young students.

The negative

The negative: Too much 50/50 teeter-tottering back and forth for 2 points and competitors not fighting to finish people, just to score last. I feel many of the positions used by competitors will not transfer over to a self-defense situation or MMA fight and I hope that trend doesn’t continue.

I agree with what Rickson Gracie was talking about on the Joe Rogan podcast last year when he discussed competitors jumping up and pounding their chest after winning by an advantage. Some were acting like King Kong after winning 0-0 ref decision. If you didn’t score a point in 10 minutes, I can do without that act.

JT Torres getting screwed again. The bias against him by the IBJJF for whatever reason is obvious.

I also wish the Worlds were held on the East Coast every other year so some of the best on the East Coast can get in the mix. It costs thousands of dollars to get out there and compete.

In Conclusion

Finally, I would like to thank two friends who sponsored our trip who want to remain anonymous. You made some dreams come true and I am forever grateful. Thanks to Andrew Zeppetelli, one of our purplebelts and parents, who also raised a lot of money for this trip. I also like to thank Cinelli Iron and Metal, Sal’s Hauling, Nicoletti Disposal, and Express Recycling and Sanitation for their donations to help our students chase a dream. Seeing their hard work pay off and seeing the smile of success and getting that hug are what it’s all about. And thanks to Jess Ica for capturing some great pics! oss.”

Anyone looking to join this team, please call 201 933-5134 today to try a free class!