Savarese BJJ instructor wins UAEJJ National Pro tourn

Savarese BJJ instructor wins UAEJJ National Pro tourn

Savarese BJJ instructor wins UAEJJ National Pro tourn! Congrats to Savarese Jiu-Jitsu instructor Danny Lleonart for taking 1st place in his blackbelt division. Lleonart, who took off 6 years from competitve BJJ while attending law school and becoming a dad, has been making a name for himself on the BJJ competition scene. This is the 3rd medal he has won in the past month. Congrats to Mark Garcia for taking 2nd in his purplebelt division at the UAEJJF National Pro Championship in Nigara Falls, Canada today. But more importantly, for stepping back up 1 week after tough losses in NYC last week. Tremendously proud of your guys will and testing yourselves. Growing every week!

Savarese Competition team enjoys big UAEJJF

Savarese Competition team enjoys big UAEJJF

The Savarese Competition team enjoys big UAEJJF, having a really good at the NYC Tournament. Savarese had 3 guys compete today and each one ended up on the medal stand in a very tough tourn. Andrew Kuntz was awesome on the day, dominating his division without having a point scored of him. It was his very first tournament as a purple belt and him dominated his class in all 3 matches.

Danny Lleonart finished 3rd in his division. Lleonart won his first match by a quick submission and then loss a very controversial decision that had many in the crowd vocal. I’ll just say he should have been in the finals and leave it on that. (Btw, my team is like 0-16 in refs decisions in the last 2 years in tournaments. Lol) Back to the positive.

Congrats to Mark Garcia for taking 2nd in his purple belt division as well. It was his first tournament at his new belt as well, as he was just promoted 3 weeks ago.

Their coach, Professor Savarese has this to say “Great job guys. Great things happen when you aren’t afraid to fail.”

Savarese BJJ’s Andrew Kuntz wins UAEJJF tournament

Savarese BJJ’s Andrew Kuntz wins UAEJJF tournament

 SSavarese BJJ’s Andrew Kuntz wins UAEJJF tournament, defeating 3 tough opponents on his way to the prize. Kuntz did not have 1 point scored against him during the tournament. His Professor, Royler Gracie blackbelt Professor Chris Savarese, had this to say “Big congrats to Andrew Kuntz on winning his purple belt division at the UAEJJF North American Continental Pro without having a point scored against him. Andrew is getting better w each time he tests himself and this is a HUGE tourn for him. Proud instructor here. Awesome Andrew!”

New Purple belt

Andrew is a new purplebelt, just receiving his promotion 3 months ago. He has progressed with each week and tournament and is slowly making a name for himself on a very successful Savarese BJJ Competition team. The team has had tremendous success across the country in the last 3 years and is considered by those in the BJJ community to be one of the best up and coming teams on the East Coast competition scene.

Savarese BJJ’s Leo Alves wins Dead Serious superfight

Savarese BJJ’s Leo Alves wins Dead Serious superfight! Alves controlled the entire match vs Justin Giove using attacks from the bottom to sweep throughout. Alves nearly finished w/ omoplata attacks but the tough Goive escaped. Giove had a near subsmission attempt of his own using a baseball bat choke from bottom but Alves escaped and took back control. Sean Yadimarco lost a split decsiion to Mike Diaz. Close match but it didn’t go Yadimarco’s way tonight. Professor Chris Savarese had this to say “Had an awesome night at the Man Of War event tonight at IPlay Arena. We went 1-1 on the night w Leo Alves winning his match vs the very tough Justin Giove and Sean Yadimarco losing his match. Proud of both of these guys for stepping up on the big stage. Leo looked awesome vs a very experienced guy. Now to drive home in a blizzard and do it again tomorrow.”

Savarese BJJ's Leo Alves wins Dead Serious superfight

Savarese BJJ’s Leo Alves wins Dead Serious superfight

Big month ahead for Savarese BJJ Competition team

This morning is the start of 3 huge weekends of tourns, starting with the HS District Wrestling today. Best of luck to all the kids affiliated w our program wrestling in Districts 4, 5 And 6 today. Then tonight Leo Alves and Sean Yadimarco have super fights in the Men Of War show at the IPlay Arena in Freehold NJ, 7 of our Lovato BJJ teammates fighting in Fight to Win 63 in Oklahoma. Then Danny, Mark and Andrew fighting tomorrow at the UAJJF at Queens College. Good luck everyone! 

Savarese BJJ students on Dead Serious card

Savarese BJJ students on Dead Serious card Saturday night. Please support Savarese BJJ student Leo Alves in his match vs Justin Giove and Savarese purplebelt Sean Yadimarco in his match vs Mike Diaz at the Dead Serious Men Of War Pro Submission Grappling Event. The event will be at the IPlay Arena in Freehold Saturday night. Let’s go Leo and Sean! 

Saddle Brook’s CJ Limatola gets 100th win!

Saddle Brook’s CJ Limatola gets 100th win!

Congrats to CJ Limatola on getting his 100th win today. Words cannot describe how proud of him I am, he did this through hard work and will, not having the advantages that many have. This is a memory you will always remember and something nobody can ever take away. Congrats kid!

Savarese BJJs Andrew Kuntz shares his story

Savarese BJJs Andrew Kuntz shares his story:

I posted this to my academy, Savarese Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but wanted to post publicly. I stumbled across this picture recently.

The picture on the left is about 2.5 years ago. I was in the middle of my Blue Belt and the Blue-Belt-Blues hit hard due to external stresses and my own ego issues. I felt that I wasn’t getting any better and there was a group of guys and girls who just got theirBlue Belts who I thought were flying by me. The stress got to me, I started to dread coming to train, it felt like a chore with no reward. As you can see, it affected me physically as well. It got to the point where I seriously considered quitting.

However, around that same time Professor began testing the Blue Belts on the entire stripe sheet curriculum. When I tested I realized how much I had learned, and how much better of a practitioner I was from the day I stepped on the mats. With that and the constant support of my girlfriend, who always understood how beneficial BJJ was for me, I found the enjoyment and focus which had disappeared. I am so happy that I stuck it out; the school has made me a better person, physically and mentally, and is a place I am proud to call home.

The purpose of this long-winded story is to remind many of the newer guys, to Trust the Process. Prof. Sav and Sean say it all the time, but sometimes it falls on deaf-ears because it is hard to imagine them as white belts or blue belts going through tough times. But, we have all been there. And I know for a fact that we all care about your progress, no one more than Professor Sav, Professor Sean and all the instructors. And I promise you will make progress if you just stick with it.

So, if you are feeling down, just remember how far you came and why you began BJJ in the first place, you will not regret it. And don’t be afraid to talk to any of the Professors, Coaches and upper-belts, they are always willing to listen.

See you all on the mats!


Savarese BJJ instructor places at UAEJJ

Savarese BJJ instructor places at UAEJJ

Savarese BJJ instructor places at UAEJJ! Congrats to one of our instructors, Danny Lleonart, for taking 2nd place in his division at the UAEJJ International Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Orlando this weekend. Danny will be competing again in 2 weeks in the North American Continental Pro in Queens. It has been a long time since Lleonart competed. An active and successful competitor at bluebelt, Leonart then took some time off from the competition scene while studying to become a lawyer, become a dad and deal w/ some personal issues. He has since gotten back into the scene and has a big year planned, especially UAEJJF tourns. 

Savarese Competition team is one of the best

The Savarese BJJ competition team has been very successful over the last 5 years, winning team titles everywhere. They have been one of the best the East Coast has to offer in that span. Numerous champions have been crowned in organizations all over the USA including a Masters World Champion in Brian Long. Look out for the squad in tournaments throughout the East Coast in 2018, with many new members of the team making their competition debuts.

Kids team shines as well

Savarese BJJ has one of the best kids team too, winning over 5 team titles in the past 2 years.