Savarese BJJ teenage standouts promoted to purplebelt

Savarese BJJ teenage standouts promoted to purplebelt

The Savarese BJJ teenage standout are promoted to purplebelt! Over the past year 3 Savarese BJJ teenage standout have been gathering quite a name in the jiu-jitsu competition scene. Sean Yadimarco, Leo Alves and Ariana Zeppetelli have been winning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournaments all over the East Coast. The trio even competed in the World Championship the last 2 years. Zeppetelli had a tremendous showing this year. On wednesday night at the Park ave school, the Savarese BJJ teenage standouts were promoted to purplebelt by Professor Chris Savarese, their instructor.


The “Big 3” were promoted to purplebelt alongside teammates Caitlin McManus, Andrew Kuntz and Pete O’Connor. Over the past 3 years, they have excelled in tournaments as the NY Open ( ), NJBJJF ( ), Big Apple Jiu-Jitsu Classic, Pride Jiu-jitsu Championship, North American Grappling Association (NAGA), Grappling Industries and a couple more. Alves won a superfight at Fight To Win 30, finishing his opponent with a submission in just 53 seconds. In addition, he also was the No-Gi pan Am Champion last year. Zeppetelli finished 1 match from the medal round at the 2017 World BJJ Championship. Yadimarco, who finished 28-4 as a wrestler for Clifton High School this year, has won a medal at just about every tournament he has entered in the past 2 years.

Words from Savarese

“These 3….I can’t say enough good things about them. 17 and 18 year old purplebelts. Wow, what a major accomplishment! To say I am proud of them would be an understatement. They are all wise beyond their years. Their commitment is unwavering, they have been testing themselves in competition vs adults since I thought they were physically able to. Futhermore, I made sure they know their self defense so they understand Jiu-Jitsu in all aspects. In conclusion, their future is so bright, bring your glasses.”

Yadimarco at 2016 World Championships

Yadimarco at 2016 World Championships

Zeppetelli after win at 2017 World Championship

Zeppetelli after win at 2017 World Championship

Alves after finishing his opponent in 53 seconds at FTW30

Alves after finishing his opponent in 53 seconds at FTW30

Brian Procel – New Savarese BJJ blackbelt

Brian Procel – New Savarese BJJ blackbelt

Jersey City resident Brian Procel is Savarese BJJ’s newest blackbelt. Before over 150 in class wednesday, Procel realized his lifelong dream in front of teammates and family. He is only the 4th student to receive a blackbelt from Professor Chris Savarese. The Lyndhurst Jiu-Jitsu Academy promoted many others to blue and purplebelt as well.

Special Night

It was a very special night tonight at Savarese BJJ as Professor Savarese promoted Brian Procel to blackbelt. Savarese spoke of the commitment Brian has and always had, even as an 18 yr old bluebelt riding a skateboard from Jersey City to Lyndhurst every day to train. He is the ultimate role model for our younger students, as he has tested himself in every format of grappling. He has fought in the cage at Cage Grappling, all the BJJ tournaments across the East Coast and the prestigeous World Championships in CA. Procel is the first to help younger students, knows his self-defense inside and out and is always the last guy on the mat every single night. Brian then gave a fantastic speech to his teammates to end the night.

Others promoted

Many of our lower belts were promoted as well. Professor Savarese spoke of this bluebelt class, calling it the best he’s ever had in the school’s 11 years. The group was also very successful in competition, being at the lead of a group that has won over 10 team titles in the last 3 years. 

Leo Alves
Ariana Zeppetelli
Sean Yadimarco
Pete O’Connor
Caitlin McManus
Elliot Santiago
Andrew Kuntz

Ed Vecchione
Ivette Ponte
Craig Lum
Alex Cole
Rochelle Cole

Yellow belt
Theresa Zeppetelli

Savarese BJJ team pic

Savarese BJJ team pic

Jiu-Jitsu demonstration for Rutherford Girl Scouts

Jiu-Jitsu demonstration for Rutherford Girl Scouts

The Savarese Brazilian Aademy led a jiu-jitsu demonstration for a group of Rutherford Girl Scouts this past Saturday. During the hour long session, Professor Sean Bermudez and Women’s Instructor Ariana Zeppetelli, instructors at the Park Ave scool, taught the girls some basic Self-Defense techniques. Also, the girls were greeted and assisted by some of the Advanced Youth Program. They were partnered together to ensure the girls got the most out of their time on the mats. As the girls learned each technique they got more interested in learning more. Some of them even asked to enroll in the school.

The girl scouts were able to earn a self-defense badge for attending the seminar. By the end of the class, the girls had learned some of the more common self-defense scenarios.

Jiu-Jitsu for girls/women

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the best martial arts for girls or women to learn. Learning Jiu-Jitsu will provide you with the tools and skills to overcome an attack. By training real-life scenarios such as this, you will become more confident and have less fear about your chances of not being harmed should an attack happens. As the old saying goes “To be prepared is half the victory.”

About Savarese Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

Finally, we at Savarese Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy would like to thank the Rutherford Girl Scouts Troop Leaders and Parents that made this seminar come to fruition. So if any other Girl Scout or Boy Scout troops would like to arrange a visit any time soon, contact us today.

Savarese Jiu-Jitsu is located in Lyndhurst NJ, offering classes for children, teens and adults. For the last decade Savarese BJJ has committed to offering top notch instruction to Lyndhurst and the surrounding towns. If you or someone you know is interested in learning Jiu-Jitsu contact 201 933-5134 or email .

Rutherford Girl Scouts Visit Lyndhurst Martial Arts School

Rutherford Girl Scouts Visit Lyndhurst Martial Arts School

standing up in base

standing up in base

Savarese Jiu-Jitsu students compete at World BJJ Championship

Savarese Jiu-Jitsu students compete at World BJJ Championship

5 Savarese jiu-Jitsu students competed at World BJJ Championship in Long Beach, CA last weekend. The event, held at the Walter Pyramid at California State Long Beach, had over 1000 competitors from all over the world. First to compete were the bluebelts, Leo Alves, Caitln McManus, Ariana Zeppetelli and Sean Yadimarco. While everyone did well in their divisions, Zeppetelli had the strongest showing finishing 1 match from the medal round. Next was brownbelt Brian Procel, coming off a strong showing last year which included a 39 second submission. he fared well this year year as well, winning one of his matches in which was down 5-0 and came back to win, showing a never give up attitude.

Message from Professor Savarese about the competition team

All of our fighters are done competing and I wanted to take a brief moment to speak about this weekend before we go back to watch the blackbelts compete at 4pm. I wanted to once again say a HUGE thank you to all the businesses, Savarese BJJ students and parents and friends and family that donated $ to make this possible. It is very hard for BJJ practitioners who don’t have a sponsor and aren’t from CA to make it out here to test themselves against the best and try to accomplish a dream. A big congrats to our competitors who all performed so well this weekend. The level of jiu-jitsu here is off the charts and has to be seen in person. Props to you for having the guts to try and for not being afraid to fail. I’m proud to be your instructor. We had a lot of wins here this weekend and even the matches we lost, all but 1 we had our chances to win and that is all we can ask. Congrats again and on behalf of my team, thank you . OSS.

Notes from the Worlds

Things I noticed at 2017 Worlds (for those who care):

1) The berimbolo was absent. I always have hated the berimbolo but I have to admit, it has really has a HUGE effect on the passing game and people understanding how to use their chest and smash. This leads me to #2

2) People’s guard passing has definitely improved. And more people smash passing. People were staying lower to pass and not standing as much.

3) The closed Guard is back in style. I have always preached that there are more submission attacks than any other guard and many of the top new guys are playing a closed guard to submit or even to go into their DLR and X off of guard breaks. A lot of High Guard, walking legs up and armlocks.

4) A lot of over/under passing. And not just from MG/Alliance teams. I have a feeling many of using technology to advanced their games (Faria DVD) and Lovato and BJJ Library (smash passing)

5)The lowerbelts are getting better and better every year. The amount of talent at bluebelt on Thursday was insane. Jonathon Alves from ATOS is insane, is possibly the best bluebelt I have seen in my 20+ years of BJJ. that Pedro kid from Gordo’s was excellent. At purple, Jon Gracie won Absolute at 166lbs! Tha is so impressive. At Brownbelt, even though he took 2nd, Rolando Sampson was unreal to watch, so impressive.

6) The womens divisions seem to get deeper every year. Its seems that not long ago, there was 1-2 women that you knew were gonna win. Not anymore. Division are deep and talent is way up.

Savarese Jiu-Jitsu students compete at World BJJ Championship

Savarese Jiu-Jitsu students compete at World BJJ Championship

Ariana wins

Ariana wins

IBJJF 2017 World BJJ Championships results

IBJJF 2017 World BJJ Championships results

Black Belt Division

BLACK / Adult / Male / Rooster |
1 – Bruno da Silva Malfacine – Alliance
2 – Caio Terra – Brasa CTA
3 – Lucas dos Santos Pinheiro – AMBJJ – Alex Martins Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
3 – Tomoyuki Hashimoto – Brasa CTA

BLACK / Adult / Male / Light-Feather  |
1 – Michael Musumeci Jr. – Brasa CTA
2 – João Ricardo Bordignon Miyao – Cicero Costha Internacional
3 – Ary de Melo Farias – Atos Jiu-Jitsu
3 – Gabriel Afonso dos Santos Moraes – Alliance

BLACK / Adult / Male / Feather | 
1 – Rubens Charles Maciel – Alliance
2 – Leonardo Fernandes Saggioro – Brazilian Top Team Int.
3 – Gianni Paul Grippo – Alliance
3 – Shane Jamil Hill-Taylor – Team Lloyd Irvin

BLACK / Adult / Male / Light |
1 – Lucas Alves Lepri – Alliance
2 – Roberto Satoshi de Souza – Bull-Terrier Bonsai
3 – Jhonny Loureiro Sigallis Souza – Alliance International
3 – Yan Lucas Cordeiro Paiva – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu

BLACK / Adult / Male / Middle | 
1 – Gabriel Arges de Sousa – Gracie Barra
2 – Marcos Vinícius da Silva Tinoco – Alliance International
3 – Jaime Soares Canuto – GF Team International
3 – Otavio Ferreira de Sousa – Gracie Barra

BLACK / Adult / Male / Medium-Heavy |
1 – Andre Luiz Leite Galvão – Atos Jiu-Jitsu
2 – Patrick Pontes Moura Santos Gaudio – GF Team
3 – Felipe Carsalade Araujo Pena – Gracie Barra
3 – Rômulo Claudio Barral – Gracie Barra

BLACK / Adult / Male / Heavy |
1 – Nicholas de Barcellos Meregali – Alliance International
2 – Leandro Lo Pereira do Nascimento – Ns Brotherhood
3 – Dimitrius Soares Souza – Alliance
3 – Guilherme Augusto Soares Santos – Alliance
BLACK / Adult / Male / Super-Heavy | 
1 – Erberth Santos de Mesquita – Atos Jiu-Jitsu
2 – Bernardo Augusto Rocha de Faria – Alliance
3 – Luiz Fernando de Azevedo Panza – CheckMat
3 – Mahamed Aly Santos da Silva – Team Lloyd Irvin

BLACK / Adult / Male / Ultra-Heavy |
1 – Marcus Vinícius Oliveira de Almeida – CheckMat
2 – Gustavo Dias Elias – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu
3 – João Gabriel de Oliveira e S. Rocha – Soul Fighters BJJ
3 – Otavio de Souza Nalati – Team Lloyd Irvin

BLACK / Adult / Female / Rooster | 
1 – Rikako Yuasa – Paraestra Shinagawa
2 – Rayanne Amanda Carmo dos Santos – Attack JJ Team – Belém PA
3 – Outi Järvilehto – Brasa CTA
3 – Serena Gabrielli – Flow

BLACK / Adult / Female / Light-Feather |
1 – Ana Talita de Oliveira Alencar – Alliance
2 – Gezary Matuda Kubis Bandeira – American Top Team
3 – Kristina Sofia Puruganan Barlaan – Brasa CTA
3 – Thamires Diógenes de Aquino – GF Team

BLACK / Adult / Female / Feather | 
1 – Emilie Maxine M. H. Thylin – Gracie Humaita South Bay
2 – Ana Carolina Schmitt – Gracie Humaita
3 – Aarae Alexander – Team Lloyd Irvin
3 – Jaqueline de Moraes Amorim – CheckMat

BLACK / Adult / Female / Light |
1 – LuizaMonteiro Moura da Costa – Ns Brotherhood
2 – Beatriz de Oliveira Mesquita – Gracie Humaita
3 – Jessica Cristina C. A. dos Santos – Elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Redmond
3 – Tammi Alana Musumeci – Brasa CTA

BLACK / Adult / Female / Middle |
1 – Ana Carolina Vieira Srour – GF Team
2 – Monique Medeiros Elias – Alliance
3 – Amanda Loewen – SBG International (SBGI)
3 – Nivia de Souza Moura – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu

BLACK / Adult / Female / Medium-Heavy |
1 – Nathiely Karoline Melo de Jesus – Cicero Costha Internacional
2 – Andresa Correa – Alliance
3 – Jessica da Silva Oliveira – Gracie Barra
3 – Leah Roseanne Taylor – SBG International (SBGI)

BLACK / Adult / Female / Heavy |
1 – Claudia Fernanda Onofre V. Doval – De La Riva JJ
2 – Talita Andrea Nogueira – Ns Brotherhood
3 – Fernanda Mazzelli Almeida Maio – Striker JJ

BLACK / Adult / Female / Super-Heavy |
1 – Tayane Porfírio de Araújo – Alliance
2 – Venla Orvokki Luukkonen – Hilti BJJ Jyvaskyla

BLACK / Adult / Female / Open Class |
1 – Tayane Porfírio de Araújo – Alliance
2 – Nathiely Karoline Melo de Jesus – Cicero Costha Internacional
3 – Beatriz de Oliveira Mesquita – Gracie Humaita
3 – Jessica da Silva Oliveira – Gracie Barra

Black Belt Absolute Class






Lyndhurst Martial Arts School promotes 16

Lyndhurst Martial Arts School promotes 16

Lyndhurst Martial Arts School promotes 16! The Savarese Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, a Lyndhurst Martial arts school, promoted 16 students recently. The Park Ave Academy is known as one of the best BJJ schools, not only in the state of NJ, but the USA. Led by Professor Chris Savarese, whose lineage goes directly to the arts founders as he was promoted by Royler Gracie ( ). The Academy has gained a great reputation throughout the county and state and in martial arts circles.

The promotees:

Congrats to all of the following who received promotions recently, we haven’t updated in awhile:

Danny ‘Newskin” Lleonart- brownbelt 4th stripe

Anthony Del Guercio-brownbelt 4th stripe

Casey Walters- brownbelt 2nd stripe

Babatunde Ojo-bluebelt 1st stripe

Maria “Foofie” Villa- bluebelt 1st stripe

Kevin Wilton-whitebelt 1st stripe

Dave “the Rave” Veloso-whitebelt 2nd stripe

Djendy Denot- whitebelt 3rd stripe

Pete Valdivia-whitebelt 2nd stripe

Donna Valdivia-whitebelt 2nd stripe

Jenn Roldon-whitebelt 1st stripe

Carlos Aviles-whitebelt 1st stripe

Kristina Mastroeni-whitebelt 2 stripe

Maria Beltran-whitebelt 2nd stripe

Gaby Rivera-Yellowbelt

Kayla Zeppetelli-Orangebelt

All the instructors at Savarese BJJ are proud of all of you. It takes guts to try something new, and stick with it when it is hard.

Want to try BJJ?

Anyone who wants to try a free Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, call 201 933-5134 to set one up at your convenience. There are classes for men, women and children and for all ages. You do not have to be in shape to join, it is our job to get you there. And that we will do! That is a promise! Our Lyndhurst Martial Arts school just promoted 16 students, you will be one of them!



Parent Coaching Only Hurts, It Never Helps

Parent Coaching Only Hurts, It Never Helps

To be extremely honest, parent coaching only hurts it never helps. From an instructors perspective, the moment a child looks to their parent for guidance in a sport or activity, and not their coach or instructor the child has started to become un-coachable. Their are very few instances where this is not the case, however, most times it is. Using Jiu-Jitsu as an example. There are parents who have never put on a gi, taken a class or drilled a technique. Now, this may be difficult to hear, but it is true. With 100% certainty, I can tell you that you are not qualified to coach your child. You are not helping them in any way.  In fact, for a BJJ perspective, you are hurting them. Your child needs to have total reliance on the guidance of his or her instructor. Especially in the beginning.

Allow the instructor to do their job

Pretty much every parent wants their child to receive the most attention. It is natural and that is OK. However, understand that there is more than one child in the class and the beginner students need the most attention. If you child has been involved in an activity for a long period of time, they more than likely do not need constant hovering. Allow them to try and make mistakes, a good instructor will always do this. If you expect the instructor to physically perform the tasks for your child again, that would only hurt them and not help. Unless you are a trained professional in that field (i.e Jiu-Jitsu, Gymnastics, Baseball etc.) do not try to intervene. You do not know more than their coach. Do not try to tell the instructor how to instruct or what you think they should be teaching.

Trust in the process

Yes, there is a process. There is no magic wand that can be waived over your child and make them great. Sorry to tell you this, but they are going to have put in the work. There will always be instances where a child is a bit more gifted than others. These are the children that will be put into more advanced programs and make progress a bit faster. That does not mean your child is or isn’t better than the others. Your child’s instructor will guide them through their journey. They may not always hold their hand, and that is sometimes needed. This is all by design.

Set the right example

This part is specifically for BJJ. An example of “why parent coaching only hurts”, is celebrating “wins” and showing disappointment in “losses” during training.  No one wins or loses in the academy, our mindset is ‘win or learn”. Furthermore, sometimes it is better to lose in the beginning, you learn more. Having that mindset of counting your child’s “wins” and losses” in the Academy isn’t beneficial to anyone. The Academy is the lab where you have to try new things in order to evolve and get better. If your child is scared to “lose”, it will hinder their development. You are not helping your child, you are giving them a complex. They need to understand it is training, we as Martial Artists have good days and bad. If you have a genuine concern for their progress, email the instructor after class and set up a meeting.

Behaviors are mimicked

Your child mimics your behaviors, no doubt about it. Therefore, if you show no respect towards the instructors and staff of where your child is enrolled, they won’t either. Make sure you use proper titles of the instructors and demonstrate proper etiquette when in the facility. These are trained professionals in which you have entrusted your child to. Do not talk to them like they are your best friend (even if they are) when class is going on. Show your child how to respect those in higher position then them.

In conclusion, the above article covers just a few reasons why  parent coaching only hurts it never helps.

The Roles of a Youth Martial Arts Instructor

Teach your child how to lose

Our loses in sports or martial arts become life lessons

Savarese Jiu-Jitsu Big Apple Open 2017 results

Savarese Jiu-Jitsu Big Apple Open 2017 results

So proud of our competition team today. We had 4 guys enter the Big Apple BJJ Open today, one of the best and toughest tournaments on the East Coast every year w/ competitors from many of the best teams in NY, NJ, Long Island, Penn, Del and MD. All 4 medaled led by 17 yr old Leo Alves who won his men’s bluebelt division, submitting all of his opponents in under 2 minutes.

Leo Alves shines

Congrats to Leo Alves on taking the Silver medal in the bluebelt Absolute (no weight limit) division at the Big Apple BJJ Open, winning 3 more matches by submission in under a minute and a half before losing in the finals to Luciano Alfonso from the Emirates Jiu Jitsu Center Barcelona, who took the silver medal in his class at the World Championship last year. It was a great test for Leo before the Worlds. Leo finished a spectacular day, finishing 7-1 on the day, all his wins coming by submission in less than 2 minutes.

Brian Procel has great day too

Also, a great showing by Brian Procel who took 2nd place in a stacked brownbelt division that had over 17 competitors in it. I believe it was Brian’s best showing since the World Championships last year. Procel went on the try the Absolute (no eight limit) division and did well there too, finishing in 3rd place.


Congrats to Sean Yadimarco, who took 3rd place in his men’s bluebelt division, losing to the eventual champ in a close match. And finally big congrats to Josh Gonzalez, who competed in his first tournament today and took 3rd place in his white belt division. To enter this tourn with 4 and all 4 medal is a great accomplishment. Congrats guys, proud of you! Oh, I also want to mention that all the guys on my competition team are 100% PED FREE!

Jiu-Jitsu Legend teaches in Lyndhurst NJ

Jiu-Jitsu Legend teaches in Lyndhurst NJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Royler Graciewas the guest teacher in Lyndhurst NJ Academy Savarese BJJ on friday. The 4x World BJJ champion is the son of Gracie Jiu Jitsu Grandmaster and founder Helio Gracie. Royler is not only a legend in jiu jitsu, having been the first “King of BJJ’s Featherweight Division” setting the record of world championships at the time. But he also is world reknown in the submission wrestling world, where he won the prestigeous ADCC Submission Wrestling tournament 3 years in a row from 1999-2001 without having a single point scored on him. Gracie also fought in mixed martial arts (MMA) in numerous promotion throughout the world before ending his career in 2006.

One of BJJ’s best instructors

Professor Chris Savarese, the Academy owner and head instructor, received his blackbelt from Gracie in 2008. He considers Royler Gracie to be one of the best instructors in the world. In addition to being a world class competitor (one of the best ever) on the sport side of jiu-jitsu, he is one of the world’s leading experts in the self defense side. Furthermore, he  has excelled as an instructor, leading the Gracie Humaitá academy in Rio de Janeiro. This Academy is where the likes of Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, Vinny Magalhaes, “Megaton” Dias, Omar Salum, Renato Barreto and many others were developed.

Great night at the Academy

Savarese wanted to thank Master Royler Gracie for putting on an incredible Jiu-Jitsu seminar tonight at the Academy. His ability to break down the simplest fighting techniques and principles in a way that everyone benefits from the new students to the blackbelts is unmatched. Everyone learns so much as a practitioners every time he is here. Even the energy he brings inspires us to do better every class. The self-defense techniques were easy to learn, easy to execute and very street applicable. Everyone who came tonight is much better than they were when they walked through the door. Also, thank you to David Adiv, Angelica Oliveira and Brian O’Leary for coming down to help as well. OSS.


Change Your Attitude!

Change Your Attitude!

Change Your Attitude! is something I have wanted to scream from the rooftops lately. I have spoken to all forms of people in my life late about various subjects. From co-workers to students to friends to parents to just people on Facebook, I noticed a simple thing about many. A lot of the people where quick to vent about their problems, believing there was no end in sight. In addition, there was a common belief that people were stuck in this negative cycle. Furthermore, there was anger in their voice and their voice level was raised.

There is a solution

One of my favorite motivational speakers, Jim Rohn, used to have a saying “If you don’t like where you are, change it! You’re not a tree!”. So many people are quick to judge people who try to stay positive or post positive quotes on social media. People who believe in the power of positivity are labeled at times as “phony”. But it is a mindset. So many problems of the people I listened to could be changed with a simple attitude adjustment. Just looking at the same problem in a different, positive manner can make a different in your demeanor, how others see you, and how often others want to be in your presence.

Challenge yourself

I have a challenge for you. Try 1 week without complaining about anything, just be grateful from what you DO have. If you have a negative friend, stay away from them for that week. Just being around negativity will force you to be negative. Someone complaining to you will allow you to complain back. Remove yourself from situations like that for 1 week and watch your life change for the better. Use the Gary Vee (another excellent motivational speaker) method. Remove 1 negative friend from your life and replace him/her with a positive one. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself.